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Sending midi to a midi track
Sorry, another question, but I'm almost done with all my questions :Smile

When sending midi (from external keyboard) to a midi track, it does not trigger the midi notes. It does record the notes and plays them back once recorded, but you can't hear them while playing. On modular tracks the midi data is directly converted to cv/gate. Can this also be done for midi tracks?
Hmmmm - midi in from keyboard working fine here - for both record and input - that's to say I can hear whilst playing.

I'm using the latest 1.20 RC4 - If you share your configuration perhaps we can figure out what's wrong.
Thanks for the reply!
Ok I'm running 1.19. I'm sending midi to the nerdseq, using midi channel 5, and track 5 is a midi track on my nerdseq.
The nerdseq sends midi to a synth (skulpt) on midi channel 8. When entering notes, I see the little red square lit up on every note on nerdseq track 5, indicating it receives notes, but I don't hear them on my synth. When I record inside the pattern on the midi track, the notes do appear in the pattern and when the pattern loops the notes are sent to the skulpt so I can hear them.
Aha - Ok I just downgraded to 1.19 and yes it's as you describe - IF you want to hear and play I think you can try the 1.20 RC4 - I'm not having any issues with this beta software and overall it's a massive improvement over 1.19

Cheers and good luck
Wow thanks for checking this out, great! Hmm ok I have a gig in 2 weeks so a bit reluctant using a beta now but I guess I can backup my SD card and give it a go!
Yes! I can confirm it's working great now!

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