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Question of probability
Hi all, Im Nerdseqer beginner, some doubt of probability cv,
firmware v.1.19

when i set probability cv when the note on & trig is on , but when probability cv skin the note, the trig is also on,

i already set auto trig in global setting, is also same this problem, i am eager to be when probability cv skin note and trig is also skin,

now i can use FX killXXX note can do like this (but it just a similar result),

hope to know it is my setting problem or another way can solve it? Huh

my purpose is to do probability cv can probability CV + Trigger together, when on & on, Off & Off,

Thank You ,Cheer  Wink
I think that is something that will be fixed in the new version V1.20.-> If a trigger is filled in, then it overrules any autogate function, also if the probabilities of the triggers are included. The thing is that the triggers can be seperated from the regular notes.

What you should do if you only want the notes to be affected in V1.19, use the autogate function but add a kill command. Don't fill in the trigger column at all. If you now add probability to the note column, it will work as expected.
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile
thank you for your help, i also use FX kill now, seems to have soleved my doubts, look like kill command is a second gate right? and have a more question Kill command can affected trigger column? i saw any time manual cant found a fx can do seem like step mute/skip (temporarily), now my way use FX 2 set kill 100 alternative gate, and FX 1 set Kill000, FX3 set PRF10XX, but appeared another problem, i konw i cant control FX1 probabilities to 0%, or other command can off each FX channel?
final i very like this module! this is the most powerful machine i am currently experiencing!

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