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Nerdseq + Launchpad + ER-301
Such a cool combo!  Heart

Had my first experience with the launchpad last night - I worked it out after reading the firmware release notes *properly*
(I thought my launchpad was buggy but it was user error as usual  Rolleyes)

Everything seems to work as it should, and in fact I find using the launchpad more powerful than using the module.
The ability to add / remove triggers quickly, and the "jump to next pattern immediately" are both super features. 
I never used mute & solo before, now with the launchpad this is a breeze and will get a lot of use I'm sure.
The only thing is that the launchpad needs both the midi in and out connected so I can't sequence any other midi devices 
(or maybe I can using a thru or merge unit... something to experiment with perhaps).

The future i2c expander looks like a dream come true for the ER-301 so really looking forward to that.

I'll wait until XOR does his own launchpad thread before suggesting features etc. 
In the meantime I'm having a lot of fun with this setup.

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