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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
I get plenty of questions from all channels asking the same things over and over again. So read this first before asking!!

  • When will the CV16 expander be available?
    Currently the first batch is already produced and ready to be delivered. I only need to get the firmware for it ready together with all editing stuff on the NerdSEQ. Timeline here: First release of V1.20. Then i will put all time to finish the CV Expander. Release will be in a few weeks, aprox. December 2019.
  • Will it also work with Ableton Push, Push 2 etc or only with the Launchpad?
    No, it will not work with the Ableton Push controllers. These always need a computer to work. Also i am not planning to support other controllers for now, except for the case you donate one to me and if these make sense to use (same kind of buttons available) and if i got time left.
    This doesn't have anything to do with CC Midi controllers though, they can be of course used to insert Midi Data.
  • The manual says that 4 expanders can be connected to the NerdSEQ. Does that include also the IO-Midi Expander?
    No, the IO-Midi expander has an own connector. So it is 4 Expanders + the IO-Midi Expander.
  • I saw the NerdSEQ on a big video screen. Will that be available at some point?
    I actually plan to release this as an expander. But for now, it works well but not 100% perfect, so it has minor (in my opinion not important) glitches. I need to continue with it at some point but it is not a top priority. And i want to add another nice feature to the expander which makes sense combined with the screen (HDMI & Composite) output.
  • When will the Dualchord expander be avaliable?
    Also here i have the first production batch ready but there is still a lot to do with it. The scheduled release is now for spring 2020.
...more questions to be added....

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