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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
I get plenty of questions from all channels asking the same things over and over again. So read this first before asking!!

  • Will it also work with Ableton Push, Push 2 etc or only with the Launchpad?
    No, it will not work with the Ableton Push controllers. These always need a computer to work. Also i am not planning to support other controllers for now, except for the case you donate one to me and if these make sense to use (same kind of buttons available) and if i got time left.
    This doesn't have anything to do with CC Midi controllers though, they can be of course used to insert Midi Data.
  • The manual says that 4 expanders can be connected to the NerdSEQ. Does that include also the IO-Midi Expander?
    No, the IO-Midi expander has an own connector. So it is 4 Expanders + the IO-Midi Expander.
  • What happened to the Cartridge expanders and Synth Cartridges?
    Currently nothing yet. They are still planned and will be there at some point for sure. 
  • I saw the NerdSEQ on a big video screen. Will that be available at some point?
    I actually plan to release this as an expander. But for now, it works well but not 100% perfect, so it has minor (in my opinion not important) glitches. I need to continue with it at some point but it is not a top priority. And i want to add another nice feature to the expander which makes sense combined with the screen (HDMI & Composite) output.
  • When will the Dualchord expander be avaliable?
    Also here i have the first production batch ready but there is still a lot to do with it. The scheduled release is now for spring 2020.
  • What happened to the Matrix expander i saw? Will it ever be made?
    The Matrix expander was just an idea with a 'Proof of concept' prototype. When i made the Launchpad integration it went obsolete. Mostly because i can't produce something for a good price with RGB LED inside and a 8x8 button matrix + 16 extra buttons which would fit into the rack. And if, it would cost like 4 times more than a launchpad. It's just not worth the effort to make it in the end, so i stopped developing it.
  • Will function X will be in the next release?
    No! You will mostly see in the release candidates and teasers what the next release will bring. My 2do list is long and everytime someone keeps asking for feature X then it will automatically scroll down in my 2DO list Big Grin  Many things will be added, some not and the list frequently changes with every function. Sometimes when i am busy with one part, it makes sense to add another part.
  • I am disappointed that function X is not in the new release. Why didn't you add it but instead added other stuff i don't need?
    I can imagine that you are disappointed. But keep in mind that i am doing this all on my own and i can only do one thing at a time. Some functions need much work while others are very fast implemented. Some things are more urgent while others are not. Features that can be done already in other ways have mostly a lower priority. All the free updates contain always many new features and i can never please everyone. Also one important thing is that i sometimes add stuff directly when it comes in my mind and i think it is cool. This is also where i get motivation for myself from it. Because i am using it myself and want to have fun with it. This brought you already many cool unusual features that you don't know from other sequencers. I will keep doing that and at some point maybe also your long awaited feature is implemented. I keep track on the feature requests at all times.
  • Can you please add a shortcut for function X?
    Generally my philosophy is to not add any weird button shortcuts. I want to keep the button functions clean from that. Nearly all navigation is available with the button or shift+button. They are only very little ones where it really makes sense to have more buttons used (Copy Paste or delete with moving, Mute/Solo). I will try to avoid more combos except for if they are well thought of and are for that killer feature which really is needed to be on top of control. If i would start over again with the NerdSEQ i would have added more buttons and some encoders. But now we got to stuck with the current hardware.
  • Will i get more tracks when i add a expander? Why can't i use the sample tracks as well to assign the expander. I never use the samples.
    No, there will never be more tracks. Expanders can be integrated in the current tracks and add more features. And you still keep the functions of the local outputs. So you don't lose anything but only get more. The sample tracks work different than the regular tracks, so they can't be easily used for the expanders and it will stay like this.Another thing is that i want to keep all tracks visible and usable on the sequencer screen and there is no space to fit more tracks. NerdSEQ will always stay with 8 tracks.
  • Why are they only 6 or 8 Columns for the Trigger16 or CV16 accessible per track and not 16 columns for the 16 outputs?
    Unfournately, the amount of columns is limited per track and can't be enhanced because there is not more memory available to do that. However, you can still access always all outputs through the FX. And you can use one expander on multiple tracks. Also it is always assignable which outputs should be directly available per track. The Trigger16 can additionally use all 16 trigger outputs directly through the drum-matrix. The CV16 can also be flexible programmed. And to be honest, I don't think it's too bad for a hardware sequencer having 9 voices directly available per track while on the other outputs lfo's are running....
...more questions to be added....

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