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Internal Reset from clock quantize
I would really like to see an option to use the master live quantize clock as an internal reset. 
So that when the live quantize clock plays through and gets to 1, it resets all playing sequences to step one. When it does this at step one, it should also fire a trigger out of the reset output as well. 

This would be incredibly useful! For example, while using midislave clock (or any clock mode), you have different groove settings and sequence/step lengths on different tracks but you still want them to reset together after a certain amount of steps (determined by the live quantize clock amount). And having the reset clock out here would mean other sequencers running would be able to reset with it as well! 
Is it possible? 

I would also like to have the option to use the reset input while in midislave mode too, as an alternative.
For resetting patterns .. wouldnt a Fx parameter to set any
Track to start from given step be useful for that?

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