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"Bad" input recording
I'd like to hear the flaws in my input recordings sometimes, rather than have them quantized.
For example, if I'm recording snare triggers over a basic drum pattern- when I record, I'd like a setting (per Pattern, or at least per Project) to quantize my input either more or less.  With less quantization, I could manually add swing, or simply keep my imperfect rhythm to "humanize" the drums.

My suggestion is:
Represent this human input variation in the Trigger column with TR XX.  This could then be extended into gates via TR FE lines for as long as the input is held.

The only difficulty I imagine in this scenario is that there doesn't seem to be a way to represent "off time" Gate Offs.  However, since rhythm patches are most commonly Trigger-based, I think this is mostly a moot point, and the functionality could add a ton of "feel" to rhythm patterns.

This level of input recording could also make it incredibly easy to record grooves.  Got a sample that has a great hi hat rhythm?  Extract triggers/gates to capture that rhythm, and then replay it on the cowbell you just synthesized, via Nerdseq.  Got a whoosh that needs to come in at (almost) exactly at 47.2 seconds in your drone, as you played it during rehersal?  Nerdseq can play it back just like you had it.

With the Nerdseq engine running at 24ppq, would something like this be possible, or would we need a higher running resolution to catch the nuances?

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