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Expander Outs Used In CV/Gate Track Patch
I have the More Triggers 16 and am absolutely going to get the More CV 16 when you release it!! I had just looked and saw that the More Triggers outs aren't available in the Patch screen for a normal CV/Gate track.

I was thinking it would be useful to access the More Trigger outs in a normal patch so that I can (for example) choose what envelope gets triggered for each note. To further that example, say I have an envelope for amp and I have a separate envelope that goes to waveshape, and, I want to trigger the amp envelope on every note, but only trigger the waveshape envelope on low notes, it'd be useful to have the main trigger go to the amp envelope and use one of the outs on the More Triggers to go to the waveshape envelope. Expand that idea to say three envelopes and some drum voices (so that certain drums ALWAYS trigger when a certain Patch is triggered in a sequence).

And, while trigger outs like that are probably a pretty niche want. I think being able to access the More CV outs (when it gets released) would be a LOT more useful. I often use a Voltage Block sort of like a set of preset patches. The Voltage Block has a CV in that can select a step, so I set up each step to radically change the sound (for example, using a BIA to have a kick, snare, hat and bass sound on four steps of the Voltage Block) and then use the Mod out to select which step the Voltage Block is on. It would be a LOT easier if that was available in the More CV module via setting up Patches.

As an example of what I'm talking about, the first 15 seconds of this is ONLY the Basimilus Iteritas Alter with a TON of modulation. I'm using the Mod out to select a step on the Voltage Block which is sending to ... I think seven CV ins on the BIA? Maybe six? And, the BIA is all the drums for the first 30 seconds. I can make a clearer example if this is ... too obnoxious  Big Grin

Barring that, maybe accessing the Expanders though an FX command? Say "CV16 YXX" where Y is the output channel on the More CV and XX is a 0-255 CV out value, and, "TG16 YXX" with Y being the output port and XX being the gate (in the same way the gate out works in a normal CV/Gate track or the selected 8 channels in a More Triggers track, with gate length, delay or repetitions). I know you've mentioned before that you have have more than one of a single expander, so, maybe something more like Exp0 to Exp7 with the YXX value used. This does have the problem where it uses up the 4 FX slots pretty quickly if you want to affect multiple things at once (which is why I'd LOVE for that to be in the Patch settings).

Ok, here's a slightly easier to follow example:

On the Mod track: 000 is a kick, 100 is a snare, 200 is a closed hat and 300 is a bass. The Mod CV is going in to the Voltage block in CV mode to select the step (1 to 4) which is sending six CV signals to the BIA.

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