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*DONE* CV, Trig, Mod accessibility for MIDI-assigned channels
One of my biggest lamentations with the release of MIDI channel assignment is that they generally make the channels' respective modular outs useless.  However, a nice little easter-egg of sorts that I found is that this MIDI monopolization of channels can be bypassed by way of FX columns, wherein any channel's FX column can send output through any channel's CV, Trig, or Mod outs.  The problem for me is that this can (apparently) only be used in a rather painstaking manner by inputting each step and in a somewhat more cumbersome manner than is possible in dedicated modular channels (CV only takes voltage values rather than note values, for instance).  There are at least two conceivably simple-ish ways I can imagine to make better use of this promising feature and then one option I view as more ideal but likely more of an imposition:

  1. Allow live and recording input assignment to be routed to the FX column, which might not be the most elegant solution, but would quickly tap into the potential of this feature.
  2. Allow cells copied from existing modular channels to be copied and pasted into an FX column, which would be elegant enough for my purposes, but less useful for live input and recording.  I do think this should be made possible even in the case of either of the other two options being implemented, and how I imagine it working is that the FX column would automatically detect the right kind of modular commands being pasted (automatically selecting the correct FX-type), and perhaps automatically selecting the corresponding channel into which it is being pasted (this can be modified, of course, if a different channel is desired).
  3. Allow the addition of modular columns in MIDI-assigned channels, either in addition to the four voice channels (perhaps between the table and groove columns, indicating that all columns to the left (FX, table, PC, etc.) do not necessarily affect the modular column (unless they affect the tracker progression, of course, like with break and whatnot) or in place of polyphonic voices (many times, polyphony might not be desirable or usable for a particular channel, and it would be nice to have some modular columns apart from a monophonic MIDI column).  In either case, it would also be nice to be able to divvy FX columns between modular and MIDI, if not possible to give them each their own full battery of FX.  I imagine this working in a similar manner to the Sample channels, wherein there are two distinct voices sharing a channel with their own FX, triggers, and whatnot.
That third solution would be ideal and, though probably a greater challenge to implement, seems technically possible, given that we can already send commands simultaneously to all three modular outputs in a MIDI-assigned channel (albeit, in a rather roundabout way).  For my part, this would allow me to take full advantage of all six channels on an OPN2 chip over MIDI without practically sacrificing all the modular output capabilities available on the NerdSEQ.

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