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'live input' monitoring on/off shortcut
While I use cv/gate recording I find myself often turning on or off 'live input' in the menu constantly so that i can hear what im doing before i record it, slowing down and interrupting the creative process.
We need a faster way to turn on or off live input, it needs to be able to be switched on the fly.  a shortcut is the only way i see it possible. its that's not an option, if anyone has any suggestions of a quicker way to switch let us know!

some more context;
i often use the inputs to record gates for drum patterns with a manual gate buttons. ill have gates going into inputs 1,2 and 3, for say, kick snare and high hat. when writing patterns, ill practice my pattern, and when im ready, ill start recording. as it is now you need to go into the menu every time you want to play back your recorded pattern/ready to record or switching back to listening to your live input to get ready to record your next pattern. switching on the fly without having to go into the menu every time would make a much smoother process.
this would also make it more useable in a live setting. turn on live input to jam along with the other tracks/path and then when your ready, quickly record into a pattern and let it loop on the fly.

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