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New user - basic Qs after rtm
Hi.   New to Nerdseq.  Have been using for a couple weeks, and have completely read the manual through with some spots a few times. Basic operation is fine.  A few quick questions about macro concepts.... 

Can I save a "default state" that would maintain Project Settings like MIDI assignments on boot and on new project creation?  I would like to save these preferences to avoid reconfiguration when starting every new project. 

How can I delete old projects?  I would like to select old projects and delete them.  Not finding this in the manual. 

Confirm this understanding?...     When using Mark to Copy data, the process is to create the Mark using SHIFT+MARK and selecting items. Then to PASTE the data, you select a new block and press SHIFT+COPY (to paste).  Correct?  I seem to struggle to copy/paste on occasion, and believe it bc I'm using SHIFT+COPY incorrectly.
Hey Welcome!

There is no default state. I suggest to make like a default 'empty' projectand load it then to get your default states. Don't forget to save it directly under a new name.

There is no 'delete project' function. To delete projects you got to delete the files in the projects folder from your computer. It is also suggested anyway to make backups of the sd card from time to time. In the end these are SD Cards, and it is an embedded system.

For the Mark/Copy/Paste:
Generally you mark a range pressing SHIFT+MARK. Then when you finished selecting the range, you can either delete the marking or you press SHIFT+MARK again and it is copied to the clipboard.
Then to paste, you simply press SHIFT+COPY somewhere, and it is pasted 'overwriting'.
SHIFT+DOWN (the down button, not cursor) + COPY, moves everything down with the size of the clipboard and paste the clipboard.
I hope that makes sense. The mark is a combined Mark and copy to clipboard function and the copy is like a flexible Paste. ( I can't do Control+C, Control+V because then i don't have a mark function).

Actually with mark, you can also mark an area, but don't press mark again, but SHIFT+NERD. It will open the Nerd menu and you can do some stuff with the marked values.
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile

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