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CV Exp track problem
Hello !

Big fan of this nerdy sequencer !  Heart  Rolleyes

I have encountered no major problem since I bought it, but today something weird happened...

I put my cv expander track 1, and my trig expander track 6

On my cv exp track, I control cv note on cv1 to a Shapeshifter, and an envellope on cv2 to my MMG, filtering the shapeshifter...

On my trig exp track, a kickdrum and a fracture...

When I unmute my track6, it makes the envellope desapear...I have to change the sustain setting of the envellope to ear it back again...

No fx in my two tracks, except a brk for both, and a lfo on the cv note mod track....

I tried to put the cv expander track on track 2, I have the same issue....  

Is this already happenned to somebody ? 

Thanks a lot !!

Huh Heart Blush

status update : it seems i can't use the two expanders at the same time, at any case...
Can you please tell me the configuration (which expander on which channel) and the (reproducable) project file so i can see whats happening?

I have the same configuration but can't get this issue.

PS, i will move it to the normal bugreports as this is not a crash situation
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile
Hello Thomas !

Thank you for your reply,

Unfortunately i am travelling until saturday, and I changed some things on the project, to make it work, I changed some track assignements...

I have put my track 1 of trigger16 on the track 5 of trigger16, and the problem disappear, like if it's a track 1 issue...But since the problem, I switched from a cv expander track to a 'regular' modular track to control my shapeshifter...I'll try to reproduce the bug at the end of the week, to send you the project file...

At least I can already tell you that i am running 01.21a,

track 1 : modular
track 2 : cv expander
track 3&4 : modular
track 5 : cv expander
track 6 : trigger 16

clock in : midi slave

midi data input on
midi step channel : 1
midi channel 7 : track 3 input ( all the others disabled )

I tried to add a video on the forum, but it was too heavy, even edited to the minimum...I put a dropbox link here, just in case, maybe it will be more meaningful :

Thanks a lot Thomas, I'll try to keep you in touch as soon as possible !!


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