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NerdSEQ vs NerdSEQ Portable features
I anticipate buying either a NerdSEQ or a NerdSEQ Portable, though likely not until later in the summer.

The choice will be a challenging one for me because I am aiming to keep everything in the rack if at all possible, but if the Portable version is a strong enough improvement and still integrates well enough into Eurorack then I might permit myself to go that route.

I’ve read once or twice that NerdSEQ Portable is to be more powerful than the NerdSEQ in at least some ways. However, I’ve not seen detail regarding how it will be more powerful or seen a more general comparison (along the lines of a comparison table) between the two.

Does a NerdSEQ vs NerdSEQ Portable comparison exist somewhere that I’ve missed? Their respective pages don’t get into some of the details and certainly not in relation to the other.

For example:
- Built-in I/O differences?
- Expansion capability differences?
- Any pattern/step/table/patch/etc. quantity differences?
- FX or other functions that one supports but the other not?
- Sample playback size/rate/depth differences?
- Screen differences?
- Processor/memory specs for us techie folks?
- etc.

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