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NerdSEQ vs NerdSEQ Portable features
I anticipate buying either a NerdSEQ or a NerdSEQ Portable, though likely not until later in the summer.

The choice will be a challenging one for me because I am aiming to keep everything in the rack if at all possible, but if the Portable version is a strong enough improvement and still integrates well enough into Eurorack then I might permit myself to go that route.

I’ve read once or twice that NerdSEQ Portable is to be more powerful than the NerdSEQ in at least some ways. However, I’ve not seen detail regarding how it will be more powerful or seen a more general comparison (along the lines of a comparison table) between the two.

Does a NerdSEQ vs NerdSEQ Portable comparison exist somewhere that I’ve missed? Their respective pages don’t get into some of the details and certainly not in relation to the other.

For example:
- Built-in I/O differences?
- Expansion capability differences?
- Any pattern/step/table/patch/etc. quantity differences?
- FX or other functions that one supports but the other not?
- Sample playback size/rate/depth differences?
- Screen differences?
- Processor/memory specs for us techie folks?
- etc.
it offers more samples and has more controls on the unit itself like rotary controllers.
I would be suprised if sequencing wise there where any differences, I would suspect that NerdSEQ is more like a OS that works on all XOR devices with individual hardware features unlocking features like it's already happening with the Trigger Out Expanders.
That much is already known, though I was honestly hoping for greater detail from Thomas. That said, I would understand that he might have any number of reasons to avoid getting into that kind of detail until closer to release.

In any case, for a few reasons I ended up buying a normal NerdSEQ and a few expanders so all is good. Until the Portable comes out and I start GASsing for it, of course. Big Grin
Does anybody know if it is possible to import projects from the Portable to the Eurorack NerdSeq? I have in mind using the Portable to develop musical phrases and ideas, and then loading them into the Eurorack NerdSeq to use them in the modular.
I too am hopeful for much the same workflow, even if there are caveats (e.g. Portable’s sample memory appears to be HUGE compared to the eurorack module, at (from what I can see) roughly 150 seconds versus 4, so maybe there could be ways to, for example, opt into a restriction during project or sample setup on the Portable side to keep things transferrable, or a way to selectively drop samples when loading a Portable project, that kind of thing.)

Things could get really interesting in and around moving projects back and forth, especially with expanders in play, but to me any degree of transfer support would be awesome for sketching things while out and about, e.g. during a commute or other travel.

However things turn out, I can see the Portable easily taking on the role as the second power-sequencer in (or more accurately near) my rack if/when I come to need such a thing. Shared workflow, ability to shift the expanders between them as need arises, and perhaps some ability to transfer projects? Yum!
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile

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