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IO Expander as simple midi to cv converter?
One question which answer I couldn´t definitely find in the manual, but I estimate is possible, is to use the nerdseq + IO Expander as a simple midi to CV interface if needed.? Is this correct? May I also combine this lets say track 1-4 for midi to cv, track 5-6 for "original nerdseq" sequencing? Thanks for clarifying this!

yes, you can assign a Midi channel to a track and it would work like a Midi -> CV converter.
Keep in mind that you can currently only use 1 midi channel per track and if it is a CV track then it is monophone. For Midi 4 voice polyphonic per track.
If you want real polyphonic Midi-CV then you can use the CV16 expander where you can have more voice polyphonic per track into CV.
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
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