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Completely delete pattern.
Is there a way to completely delete a pattern so that the number of that pattern is available again as a "new pattern"?

example: I have four active patterns. When I add a new one it will be "pattern 05". Then say I add another one which would be "pattern 06".

Now I delete pattern 5 because I decide I dont need it. When I go to add another pattern after that it will be "pattern 07".... but what if I wanted pattern 5 to be available again for this "new pattern"?

I know that I can use Shift and Cursor Right/Left to "get back" to pattern 05, but it will still be the pattern I tried to delete previously. I am just wondering if there is an actual way to completely clear the pattern from the memory so that it will be available again as a new pattern.
Setup->Compact Sequencer will release and clear all unused patterns
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