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Global System Clock Div/Mult
I tried searching for this and was surprised I couldn't find anything on the topic. I know we have individual track clock division and multiplication, and I know that I can create custom clocks from LFOs out of the MOD output or cannibalizing a trigger channel out of a TRIGGER out but I drive my whole system from the Clock Out and some of my modules would be better utilized with different Main clock divisions or multiplications. (And I know that I can do this with Clock Divider and Multiplier modules but hoping I can save the hp eventually).

I just wanted to ask, since we already have div and mult for each track but only 1/16 and DIN for the main clock, would it be possible to get div/mults on the 1/16 clock?

If this is already in the pipeline or addressed, please delete. Thanks!
Hope this too!!!

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