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MIDI tracks - multiple channels per track?
I would love to see this as well! I’m using the NERDSEQ to MIDI sequence sliced breaks on my BitBox. It is fantastic - I haven’t had this much sonic fun in ages! The issue is that to manipulate multiple sliced breaks (each listening on it’s own MIDI channel), I have to use a separate MIDI track on the NERDSEQ. Three of the four MIDI notes per track stay unused this way. I’ll probably be able to workout something with CV and modulation, versus MIDI, as the Bitbox slices can also be chosen in this way, but I would love to do it all in MIDI. Thanks for even considering this, some point along the way.

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RE: MIDI tracks - multiple channels per track? - by sak-rwsd - 01-14-2021, 10:22 PM

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