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MIDI tracks - multiple channels per track?
(01-14-2021, 11:15 PM)XORadmin Wrote: You could ask 1010 as well i guess? ;-)
Like mapping through notes or via Midi CC?

Of course, already have - no response yet!  It would be great if I could map multiple samples across notes, versus one, in Bitbox.  Triggering one shots is no problem, as all the pads are assigned to notes as well as cc, it's just the way they implement slicing and MIDI control, as best as I understand it, as you have to select a midi channel input to control the slices.  Their forum isn't very active or responsive though.  Going to try the CV and modulation route tonight, to see if that does the trick, as each pad has it's own trigger input that can be assigned CV modulation for slice control.  If so, I will post a brief update, in case anyone else finds this useful down the road!

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