NerdSEQ Firmware Release Notes

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V2.01 18-02-2024

updated: CV/Gate pattern screen. Order is now: NOTE, TRIGGER, MOD, PATCH, TABLE, FX….
added: pre-fetch mode for Midi Program Change send (5 steps in advance) (elektron gear workaround)
updated: Pattern order and clock can now both pre-check for the next playing pattern and will so be active if on the first FX row.
updated: current values view of probabilities to 0-100%
added: decimal view in patch screen
updated: statustext for CV/Gate track
added: Auto remove trigger (for CV/Gate Track) on Note (Enable in Setup Screen)
added: Default insert Trigger type (Define in Setup Screen)
updated: project name will now automatically fill in the mapping name for export
added: Midi Program Phange source and destination for mappings
fixed: Audio mapping destinations so the gates work correctly
added: Midi learn for Midi/I2C Setup (Hold OK on one of the Input Assign rows and receive any midi data)
fixed: automatically destination row correction if inserting or removing a line while shifting
fixed: CV and MOD output generated values for the mapping sources
fixed: Midi Aftertouch and Velocity could affect other mapping sources
fixed: Mapping A TR and B TR for I2C destinations were inverted
updated: set LFO type for CV16 destination (now 0-7 as value)
added: delete pattern content shortcut (SHIFT+MARK+DELETE)
added: function to also copy to clipboard if pressing ‘copy’ in markmode
fixed: SHIFT+F5 inconsistency with external PC keyboard use (Enter Load Screen)
fixed: return to last column on a I2C Track
added: I2C Drummatrix MidiGate,Trigger, CC as random value derived from random range defined with the matrixnumber. OK enters the Random Ranges screen
updated: CV/Mod output performance fix on high load
fixed: broken Sample 2 playback from sequence for tracks 7 and 8
added: Mapping Source Calc->MODS which is a signed Modulo
fixed: mapping table tick destination was not available
updated: Midi Velocity and Aftertouch mapping sources range now from 0-FFF instead of 0-127

V2.0 04-12-2023
added: Mapping Screen which is the new control center to modulate or map (nearly) everything with everything.
In the most easy usecase one would use a CV input or a Midi CC as a source and map it to any oher function like the LFO speed or Envelope Attack.
Or use one of the CV output results, add an offset, divide by another value like another CV input and output it inverted on another output.
It contains a big amount of sources and destinations which can interact with each other. On top of that they are arithmetic and logical calculations possible to manipulate all the used values.
Also conditional functions are added which makes it even possible to create small scripts or apply some live-coding. I created as an example a bouncing ball function or a fully running turing machine with it. 16 variables can be used to be a placeholder for deeper calculations.
added: variable screen which contains 16 editeable variables which can be used mainly for the mappings but also for some other functions
added: scaling screen which is now the main center to quantize notes to different scales. They are 90 scale presets and you can create your own user scale including finetuning per note.
The scale selection can be different per track, global, for input (like Midi or CV Input) and editing (which shows only the notes within the scale)
added: support for the Multi-IO expander which adds functionality for 3 independend Midi streams (USB Host, USB Device, TRS-A/DIN Midi). I2C support with 2 I2C ports which can be flexible configured,
an encoder to dial in notes and values and 3 buttons for new edit modes
added: I2C/Multi Tracktype which mainly controls I2C destinations for 6 columns (notes, pitches), 3 FX, drummatrix (16x Triggers/Gates) and groove.
The new tracktype is not only limited to I2C but opens many more functions for the local CV/Gates and Midi sequencing (eg sequence Midi CC or Notes in different styles from the drummatrix)
The I2C/Multi tracktype is also available without the Multi-IO Expander.
added: I2C Implementations for ER-301, distingEX, Just Friends, 16n/sweet16/f8r faderboxes
added: Midi / I2C Setup Screen and project files
updated: Moved Midi Clock output to Midi/I2C setup screen
updated: Moved Midi clock out from project to Midi-I2c setup screen
updated: editing of Midi note In source/destination. Sources = 16 Midi channels * 3 midi ports (TRS/DIN, HOST, Device)
added: pattern launch, mute, solo etc via Midi
updated: all midi sending and receiving for 3 port Multi-io routing
updated: In a Midi track the midi channels and overrule channels also support now 3 midi ports (with Multi-IO)
added : recording filters for Midi CC, Channel Aftertouch, Pitchbend, Poly Aftertouch, Program Change
added: Midi input and recording for the 6 I2C columns
added: Midi SPP (Song Position Pointer) support
added: merge function for Trs, Host and Device as destination for midi input
added: Midi Velocity can also be overruled by variables
fixed: sync launch mode. If a new pattern is selected to launch then it wouldn’t stop anymore on stop signal.
fixed: table quantize which would play the wrong note in some occasions
updated: new and load project unmutes tracks now
added: Track Scale, Global Scale and Basenote to the Combined FX
added: clone marked values for the sequencer screen
updated: renamed all glide steps to glide resolution
added: NRPN would autodetect 7 or 14 bits reception on input
updated: midi ‘record velocity to MOD’ settings, also allow input from mappings now for the recording
fixed: slow startup in some situations
updated: NSA firmware update screen to provide Multi-IO expander updates
added: FX overrule also from Mappings now
added: track clock = Off so the clock for a track can be derived from the mappings (and so individual tracks can be clocked from any source)
fixed: possible out of screen issue in project screen
fixed: filesystem directory where a file would not show up if the backup folder is hidden
fixed: dinsync possible stop pending issue
added: Nerd Menu Twice to enter the mapping screen directly
fixed: note range after transpose
added: scale function per track setting for all track-types
updated: trigger delay editing adds now large in-decrements
added: trigger delay in combined FX commands
added: mapping and variables screens with PC Keyboard shortcuts (F3, F4)
fixed: playback order which couldn’t directly jump to the next from random keep
added: Keyboard Num Keys as mapping source
added: Sega gamepad as mapping source
added: import and export for mappings + variables
added: midi triggers as drummatrix destination
updated: record behaviour when holding the table button
updated: SYNC24 Reset input behaviour
updated: sample decrement of notes, adds volume and sample as well again
changed: Launchpad selection which got an own menu setting now.
fixed: possible Raw Sample prelisten crash
added: X, Y Z modes from Multi-IO
fixed: wrong playing MOD on prelisten
updated: splitted midi setup from cv input/record setup
added: General I2C Settings in the midi/I2C Setup screen (modes, leader/follower, address)
changed: mapping destination change (track euclidean, track note update) also of the playing pattern now (if selected) also if not in pattern screen
fixed: row probability bug
added: Gamepad enabled function (is automatically disabled once when updated from a version < V2.0)
added: launchpad with buttons and encoder functionality for shifting and in/decrement euclidean
updated: reduced sample memory slightly to free some general purpose memory
fixed: new whitenoise playback for audio player
updated : whitenoise
fixed: stop track when a new pattern was in the queue to play in sync mode
fixed: fixed bug that if a CV16 is assigned to track 8 that the LFO in Automator 0 would not work anymore
updated: top and side view of a midi track to properly show overrule channels
updated: shortened Euclidean text so everything is readable again
updated: removed Midi input enabled setting
updated: midi output clock added different routings: off, trs, host, device and combinations

V1.27 24-12-2022
added: CV, MOD, Gate, Probability information in modular pattern screen
added: hide Backup folder setting in setup screen
fixed: Sysex messages reception (could cause locking notes)
fixed: Sample prelisten (possible hang or non playing samples)
added: Mark a part in the pattern screen and loop it (press start, start again stops the loop).
fixed: Current values display (correct values)
fixed: Screensaver hanging on save screen (and maybe others?)
fixed: Automator screen glitch on shift+delete
added: Midi->Trigger input also 16 notes for triggers and gates
added: CV16 Track, Automator local Gate output
added: Trigger16 Track: Added Gates and Triggers for all 16 Triggers in automator
removed: ‘Load Settings Backup’ in Setup (obsolete)
added: Clone Pattern with DOWN button clones pattern into the field below.
fixed: Rownumbers are also greyed out with the patternlength
added: Automator values get updated on change
added: LFO Clock type: One full LFO wave last for n amount of steps
added: LFO Clock type: One full LFO wave last n times per step
added: Bulk Pattern export and import (with sequencer data) for external editing
fixed: Possible Midi sync issue on rare screen change occasions
updated: progress bar style
updated: Trigger delay also for Auto-Gate
fixed: random fill in for CV16 MOD values
fixed: current values for 7+8 if used with midi or expanders
fixed: some max-min values
fixed: broken pulse waveform offset function
fixed: pattern length colour for expander 2nd and 3rd pages
removed: glide and audio functions from sequencer stop FX reset

V1.26 16-07-2022
enabled and added patch functions for all track types (Midi, Audio, CV16, Trigger16)
added: table and patch names in nerd screen, keyboard editor etc
added: Playback Order which can be used to play a pattern in another order. Some playback order types are:
Forward, Backward, Pingpong, Random, Even/Odd,Spiral, Crab, Drunk etc….Orders can be used to create new patterns.
changed: SCLK (Set Trackclock) to combined command CKPB (includes now Clock, Playback order, Transpose, Swing, Jump)
fixed: wave file loader to allow more wave types
fixed: trigger16 binary value so it can send also FF for all now
added: preview for Trigger 16 columns and drum-matrix. OK plays one and SHIFT+OK plays the row
fixed: tables so a stop table can be chosen from FX or Patches.
added: global trigger delay function which allows to have all triggers delayed if needed. Added trigger delay settings for all track types. Added delay times in milliseconds.
added: random trigger delay settings derived from ranges which does allow easier humanisation of triggers/sequences
updated: a probability of 0 will now avoid the playback of the probability part
changed: backup situation. Now a backup is automatically created in the backup folder (folder will be generated by itself) and keeps the 10 last files
replaced: ‘save with backup’ function with a auto-save function. It will auto-save then just before the screensaver starts.
added: new local trigger functions -> Trigger X ticks long. (D0 -> DF)
fixed: possible pattern clone of a ** pattern
updated: mark mode. SHIFT+cursors will now always change the begin point of the marking and without shift the end points. The start/end points are also displayed in the statusbar.
added: marked mode on sequencer screen can now start / launch or stop the selected part, also change of multiple clock and playback orders possible
updated: stopping a audio track will reset its gate now. (and so also possible connected envelope releases)
updated: pattern screens so they all show the pattern name on every track type
changed: the visible FX when in groove column to the last FX for CV/Gate and Sample
updated: screensaver now returns to last used screen on return
fix: for automators so a modulator input value is including the automators
added: cut/paste function, so any delete does directly also a copy into clipboard
fixed: for return to drum-matrix
fixed: midi for selected track record. Also fix for on-the-fly delete using the table button
fixed: LFO speed for slow LFO (was not fine but quantized before)
changed: OK button in patch screen fires the patch (instead of shift+ok)
updated: Some graphical changings for current value and patch screen, some visual fixes
fixed: possible crash on external DINSYNC start/stop
added: setting where a new note in the CV16 sequence automatically disables a pure modulator (Enable in CV16 track setup)
fixed: sending CV16 startup values after track assign
fix: for CV16 setup screen draw glitch
added: Trigger16 function to CV16 columns and destinations. NSA and Trigger Output of the Trigger16 Expander can be selected to be played either from the trigger 2 commands (destination) or as the Voltage/MOD value 00-FE (CV16 setup -> destinations)
added: 2 Trigger16 FX for a CV16 track to allow also trigger16 commands initiated from a CV16 FX.
updated: Midi -> CV16 track so if a column is set to be a trigger then it does insert a trigger instead of an envelope. Plays also the trigger on the trigger16 expander.
fixed: possible freeze when loading a Sampleblock which contains a bigger sample
updated: Project and Setup screen to get the same scrolling like the FX selector. Added Page Up/Down Functionality
fixed: possible ‘stuck in screensaver’ situation when doing a NSA Firmware update
updated: cursor returning now to the last field in the pattern screen if the last used one was of the same track-type
fixed: midi recording which recorded multiple note-off in mono mode (Internal CV/Gate track), last released key fills in the note off
updated: A Note Off in a CV/Gate track works now again with and without autogate enabled.
fixed: issue when using Trigger16/CV16 on tracks 7+8 and using the Reset FX functions
added: entering the random ranges screen from the trigger delay random settings using OK
added: simple copy+paste of a row in video expander pattern
fixed: start of screensaver when holding the OK button too long
updated: table editing update so it matches with the patch editing, fixed statusbar text
fixed: patch pre-listen. OK for current effect and SHIFT+OK for the whole patch (if possible)
added: Midi Program Change pre-listen
updated: CV16 Track-> The modulator Reset function works also with envelopes to reset it (instead of continuing the attack from the current level on restart)
added: basic triggers for the CV16 outputs
added: 11 point calibration for CV16 outputs

V1.25 15-10-2021
added: integrated the More Video-IO Expander into the Firmware with Video and USB Computer keyboard support (and many more unofficial functions)
added: video mode setting in setup screen (OK to enter video settings)
added: endless repetitions of patterns when BRK repetition value is 255/0xff
added: velocity -> MOD output for midi clone to modular
fixed: missing/wrong probability from automators if sample tracks are set to something else
fixed: wave file loading issue for some wavefiles
added: octave change in wavefile preview
added: launch mode function. beside the regular launch possibilities there is now an additional synchronizing to queuepoints/zero cross launchmode (Setup -> Pattern Launch Type)
fixed: midi issue for velocity/mod recording on other tracks than 1
changed: Trigger All Off function (Trigger16 FX) to Extra Trigger FX which involves Trigger all Off and swap trigger commands from the FX
added: implemented firmware update / file transfer for the video expander
updated: SETW command for samples so it would overrule samples or waveforms selected from the sample/wave column is used from the pattern FX
added: global swing function (project screen) for the internal clock (+- 1/64th precision). Be aware that the output clock is also affected by the swing.
added: clock change shortcut. If on the clock in settings with any external clock pressing shift+delete will switch seamless to internal clock.
fixed: delete marked values with shift up function for pattern screens
added: ‘clock out disabled’ function. So the Clock and Reset outputs can be used to generate own clocks or additional gates/triggers.
update: finetuned live random values results
added: random ranges to the randomize functions in the Nerd Menu
added: midi notes and velocity to the randomize functions
added: SHIFT+DOWN+DELETE on sequencer screen to move a column one down (insert empty one).
added: Pattern Import/Export function (Nerd Menu in Pattern Screen)
added: CV/MOD Outputs as Automator Source
update: speed up Load / Save Projects a bit
update: midi recording adds now some quantization (pre/post correction)
fixed: wrong text in Sample Retrigger Command
change: Table Chord Editing. SHIFT UP/DOWN change the note now and SHIFT LEFT/RIGHT the chord type
removed: round robin recording into a midi track from midi. Records now always from left to right into the columns.

V1.24 26-04-2021
added: Random Ranges screen which contains a set of 16 different random ranges from 0 – 100%.(press OK on any random value to get to the screen)
updated: Enhanced the regular random FX functions (Random next FX). These can now be assigned with a range. Beside the random next FX, the random function can be completely enabled for FX columns, so it stays on and all FX values are being randomized within the selected ranges.
updated: Overrule FX values such as from random, automators and others are now scaled to the real function values. So for example if you have an envelope FX which can be 4 digits and the first 2 digits select the envelope number and attack, then only the last 2 digits are overruled within it’s min/max values.
added: Random Value for Notes and MOD. These can be randomized now also by one of the selected ranges. (toggle with Shift+OK till you reach R x or RNx. R x selects a random pitch and RNx selects a random note within the selected range.)
updated: Performance improvements if many functions are running at the same time
added: view of patternlength on sequencerscreen
added: Skip playing FX when editing. So the FX you are busy with is being skipped for playing until you leave the FX column again. (Can be enabled/disabled in the Setup screen). Works with FX from patterns and tables.
added: FX selector (FX Selekta) which opens a FX list with all effects for this tracktype. (press OK on the Fx command column on pattern screens or tables)
fixed: fix for clock divider/multipliers. If a track was stopped and started later it syncs well with the others.
added: force clock function so the set clock FX can be forced immediately (if first digit it set to 1) and not only after the pattern is ready. Works now also with applying a new clock in the first row directly.
added: ADD/SUB/MUL/DIV FX functions. This adds, subtracts, multiplies or divides with a value to the last played FX and plays the FX again. This can be with and without overflow. For example, if the last playing FX2 was MOD 005. The command with ADD 040 to FX2 adds then the 40 to the 005 and a new MOD plays with 045. Another add would play a 085 etc… Same for Mul, also last was MOD 005, now Multiply with 2 and the result is 10(A) which is being played…go on and you get an exponential curve. Multiplies and divisions have a 0.1 digit resolution. Funny to add for a sample offset to get cool timestreched samples (use the ADD in tables to have it run faster).
added: Midi column overrule channels for note columns 2,3,4. A midi track has 4 columns and each column can sequence it’s own midi channel now (yes up to 4 midi-synthesizers/drumsynths sequenced from one track). The polyphonic settings for the midi channels stay for columns that are not overruled by another channel.
updated: sega gamepad readout which should work now for most compatible gamepads with all buttons. I can’t guarantee for all clones, but all that I could get my hands on work fine now.
fixed: midi problem with channel aftertouch input
added: 11 point calibration and precision for CV/MOD outputs. If you got a good precise voltmeter (and I’m not talking about the 50 euro multimeters or in-rack) you can set more calibration points now for a slightly more precise calibration. There is no new calibration needed, it all converts automatically to stay as it was. The same added for the CV16 expander (firmware for that one following).
fixed: table issue if table source is the FX Tick and if it is on the same row
added: new ratcheting and random functions for the local triggers. Values in the trigger column bigger than E0 got a special function now for even and odd ratcheting, random triggers, random ‘ratches’, random gates based on the random ranges.
updated: the launchpad functions so mini and MK2 would work well again
added: euclidean features and trigger shifting with the launchpad
added: SPFX sync to mainclock command
updated: Refactoring of the statusbar view. Added now all missing details to the stausbar in the patternscreens, table and patch screen and some other little beauty fixes
changed: toggle note value (SHIFT+OK) behaviour. The originial value is now also selecteable with this
added: toggle function on table (SHIFT+DELETE). Toggles between — and **
added: program change to midi control presets (former Midi CC FX) ( = program change from FX + channels possible)
added: random midi velocity from random ranges
fixed: sample playing/gating through CV inputs
added: sample triggering through CV inputs
updated: the LFO ranges so it allows finer amplitudes
added: scrolling for sample patterns
fixed: Table edit fix so the current table doesn’t switch to another while editing
added: notes in the CV and MOD FX for a modular track (also for tables and patches)
fixed: some wrong chords
added: function to either record/play from Midi CC#1 or from velocity into the MOD column / outputs.
added: Track follow Midi playing/recording. So the selected Midi Channel will play/record into the selected track (either the column on which it is on the sequencer screen or in the pattern)
added: up to 6 voice Polyphonic Midi recording/playing also into regular CV/Gate tracks.
added: Gate as automator destination for CV/Gate tracks
added: OK Button to open sample-load screen on sample column
fixed: Sample BRK repetitions
added: easteregg

V1.23 25-11-2020
added: new Sega Gamepad implementation with free button assignment
added: gamepad trigger recording function
fixed: for weird BPM detections
added: play Chord command for CV/Gate, Midi and CV16 Tracks
added: euclidean input functions for the triggers of the local CV/Gate tracks
added: shift up/down functions for the triggers of the local CV/Gate tracks
updated: Mainclock edit
fixed: sample slot scrolling
fixed: possible weird behaviour when inserting sample sequences
fixed: sample volume override
fixed: non-working BRK override for trigger16 expander
fixed: loading an old project with a filled sample memory
added: groove counter. Shows if grooves are not equal with the groovesettings and patternlength
updated: CV input sampling improvement. Live passthrough on change only now.
added: Table and Patch screens can now also directly entered when pressing OK (if enabled)
added: TAP recording of triggers (using OK) if recording and on trigger column of a CV/Gate track
added: sync on OK for mainclock

V1.22 18-10-2020
added: 8 ADSR envelopes with advanced settings ‘behind’ the automator screen
added: many envelope sources and destinations
added: One Shot, AD-SR and Loop mode. (AD when the Gate is set, SR when it is released)
added: Envelope chaining
added: automator envelope ‘mirror’ for automators with Offset, Invert, AMP and bitrate 1..12 bit. clones one of the selected envelopes actually into the automators
updated: CV input for automators, added Offset, Invert, AMP, Bitrate 1..12bit
updated: bitrate/quantisation to a finer resolution for all automators
removed: back function in automator LFO settings (obsolete)
added: pulse wave to the automator LFO
changed: input calibration and autocalibration for a more precise response (Inputs need new calbration!!!)
added: ‘New Project’ function
replaced: old screensaver with a new fancy one
added: ** in the sequencer screen which is to stop a pattern (shift delete on empty spot)
added: change to another pattern in pattern screen by holding the pattern button and navigating (navigates through the order in sequencer screen)
fixed: CV input sampling bug (occasional CV input drops)
fixed: note transpose for non-note values
added: ‘set’ Patch in pressing SHIFT+OK in patch screen
added: envelope FX functions to CV/Gate track
added: SHIFT UP/DOWN function to marked pattern Nerd Menu to shift all marked values up or down with wrap around
added: patternlength function for editing and playing (default patternlength in setup menu)
updated: euclidean and random jump to work within patternlength
changed: flip row, random order etc from nerd menu to work with marked area instead of the whole row
added: autobackup and special screen in case of crashing (which hopefully will never happen)
added: default groove settings (setup screen) for new patterns
added: probability for the whole sequencer row
fixed: possible bad probability seed
updated: current values settings, added Current value for Midi and Audio tracks
changed: behaviour to get into screens so it is ‘the same everywhere’ for all tracks, if you press the patch button you will get into the current values screen. If you press it again you will get to the track setup (and the other way around).  Of course except for if you selected a patch.
added: ‘Hold SHIFT+STOP” double request before stopping sequencer (enable in setup)
fixed: track transpose saving
added: max Mainclock steps (amount of steps for the baseclock)
fixed: navigation wrap so it works for all track types
added: FM 4 Operator synth engine
updated: volume and bitcrush resolution to 256 instead of 128
reduced: sample memory to 190000 byte (needed more memory) Sorry here, still around 4 seconds. I tried to get as little as possible but still being future proof.
added: basic wavefolder function/effect
added: lofi delay function (per track)
added: sample glide functions
added: automator FX, envelope fx + glide + wavefold + delay settings for sample FX
added: gate off function (beside sample/wave off) to allow a envelope release. (shift+delete is either note/sample/wave off or gate off as 2nd function)
added: function to clone the audio from Track 7 to Track 8. So a nice stereo field can be generated when using different delay values.
renamed: sample tracks to ‘Audio’
changed: audio retrigger so a value of 00 would retrigger the envelope
added: double stop track function to stop waveforms from the current track
added: set waveform/sample as sample FX
fixed: missing decrements for CV16 standard FX values
fixed: current values which didn’t show the modular tracks but the CV16 instead
delete: in trigger16 drummatrix deletes only the current drum and not the whole row anymore
fixed: trigger16 random and overrule functions for FX columns
updated: Trigger16 drummatrix triggers are now also visible in the regular T16 columns.
added: Simple Midi debug in the record/input screen. Shows note midi data first byte on top
fixed: samples so a waveform would also trigger from Midi
fixed: pitchbend from midi so it works also when not recording
fixed: issue with midi active sensing
fixed: note delete for midi track (velocity was missing)
fixed: editsteps work also for midi step change of notes
updated: major rework of the tables
added: change to another table from the table screen (hold table button and then cursor up/down)
added: some pattern handling for tables (new table etc)
added: new table functions for random, scaling, chords, not allowed notes etc (this allows indeed scaling of your main sequence)
updated: rewrite and timing fix for tables
added: table tick source from sequencer function (SPFX)
added: CV input as table source
added: Automators as table source
fixed: table editing
added: nerd menu for table screen to release tables
added: Table presets to nerd menu to add different tables like doubles, triplets, different chords…
added: compact table functions which releases empty and unused tables
added: Table screen animation
added: Table functions for audio tracks (samples/waveforms)
added: backwards and pingpong Table features

V1.21 03-01-2020
added: Midi Note input offset, so recorded notes can have an offset of semitones or octaves
added: Midi Note output offset. So playing midi notes can have a default offset for like if your midi gear plays the C-3 one octave lower or so.
added: amount of record voices function. So midi is not fixed anymore to record into all 4 columns, but can be limited to 1-4 Columns. The other columns stay untouched.
added: page up/down fix to get to the top and bottom at end positions in pattern and sequencer screens
fixed: Mark + Page up/down
updated: main clock and clock view also for all other screens
added: stop all sounds function to NerdMenu in patterns. OK stops sounds from the track. SHIFT+OK stops sound from all tracks
added: waveform player in samples. From Sample 12 (0C) the waveforms Sinus, Triangle, Ramp,sawtooth, square and noise are added/playing. These can be pitched, stopped, manipulated with the effects or manipulated though the automators.  The squarewave can be changed in Pulsewidth and the waveforms can be hard-synced with each other.
added: trigger details in local trigger column in the statusbar. So you know when editing what the numbers mean.
added: delayed reset function so the reset comes a bit later after the last clock when stopping the sequencer.
added: All Sound Off function by pressing SHIFT+STOP on a stopped sequencer. All sounds off also fixed for Midi
added: for Automator LFO new input clock types, derived from a step or a tick with multiplicators or dividers (set with speed) and step from another slot.
fixed: midi issue which could create a hanging note on local CV-Gate tracks in very rare situations
added: autogate enabler function, so autogate can be enables/disabled (global setup) including the setting to change the Gate Off time.
fixed: fix for clock divider / multiplier settings so they are not accidentally set in patch by default
fixed: changed PR to piano roll name for trigger16 expander, added proper explanation.
fixed: bug for sequencer stop which randomly could set triggers on stop
updated: Start and stop functions are now also available in other screens
added: Trigger as Sample FX effect. Triggers 1..6 can also be controlled from the sample tracks.
added: Notes as Sample FX effect. All CV and MOD outputs can be note-manipulated from the sample tracks now
fixed: last note value for sample when editing
changed: the order for modular track player so tables are handled right after the FX
updated: Mark, Copy + Paste + Delete now possible in the sequencer screen while a running sequencer
added: clone to local CV tracks when played or recorded live from Midi
updated: enhanced trigger delay time to up to 10 milliseconds (CV/Gate track->Setup)
added: trigger inversion function so the triggers/Gates for individual tracks can be inverted by default. (Works probably well with 1.2V/Oct of Hz/Volt settings and gear)
updated: the trigger timings for the local trigger tracks. Since V1.9 they have been changed but accidentally not matching the manual and Trigger16 timings anymore. Fixed to match again.
added: CV/Gate/Mod functions to the Midi tracks. So now all the local CV/MOD/Gate outputs can be manipulated from the 4 Midi Note columns as well.

V1.20 11-07-2019
added: live animation for automator screen
added: Euclidean Rhythm input for Trigger16 expander
added: Shift UP/DOWN of drum matrix column for Trigger16 expander. Shifts Up/Down the sequence in a drum matrix column (and inserts on carry)
fixed: Trigger16 drummatrix and the 8 normal Trigger16 columns overrule on swapped tracks
added: functionality that cursor gets back to drummatrix when it was on drummatrix at latest
added: missing probability on drummatrix in double pairs on first or 2nd 8 drumtriggers
added: Launchpad Integration for Launchpad Pro, MK2 and Mini. You can only use the Pro for now as it has regular Midi In/Out. (Beta)
added: decimal view in transpose, if decimal is on
added: Version number in Setup screen
fixed: possible hanging Midi notes on CV recording
added: Mute and Solo for Trigger16 expander
added: Speedup/Slowdown (Nudge) for finenudging and ticks (Project -> Tempo)
added: ‘Enter pattern screen on OK’ function (if enabled). Enters pattern screen or creates a new pattern (if the spot was empty)
added: 1.2V/Oct as alternative note-scaling (buchla)
added: Hz/Volt note scaling
added: Note transpose of marked values from sequencer screen
added: MOD note transpose
fixed: possible ‘stop track now’ and ‘stop sequencer now’ issues
added: function to change global transpose on a zero transition or when pressing OK directly (Project screen->Transpose)
added: track transpose to sequencer screen Nerd menu
fixed: loading issue of older projects < V1.19 where the automator settings could be wrong
added: pre-listening also for Midi tracks
fixed: Page Up/Down in sequencer screen when marked
fixed: possibility when creating a new (last) pattern that the sequencer could overwrite table fields
added: Page Up/Down in calibrate screen to direct reach the needed part
added: Note to the Trigger16 FX, so notes (with or without trigger) can be played on the regular CV/Gate output
added: additional delay setting for the trigger column. Trigger delay settings for cv/gate setup screen, so triggers can be delayed more compared to the CV outputs.
updates: If a trigger is filled in in the trigger column, then it always overrules the note auto-gate regardless of probabilities
added: User Interface menu and screen to change font (5 new fonts) and screen colours
added: Midi recording with flexible input routing, added polyphonic recording (Notes, CC, aftertouch, pitchbend etc) into midi tracks, recording and playing into Trigger tracks, Midi pitchbend into CV tracks, Midi to transpose tracks and transpose all
fixed: When marking, SHIFT+DOWN marks all now also for Midi and Trigger16 screens.
added: Delete while recording: Deletes if recording and in pattern screen and pressing the table button for parameters that are selected to record
added recording into the current cursor position for CV input and Midi (Note input into patterns through CV inputs or Midi with or without running sequencer)
updated: Major CV recording update, Flexible input routing, Live CV input for transpose, manipulations, Sample playing, sample pitch, slot and gate recording, XY Sequencer Move, Input->Output quantization
added: manual CV calibration
added: PR
added: Pre-listening for MOD values and not only notes
fixed: Unwanted BRK0009 insertion in sample screen on first parameter
fixed: Midi mark values for FX columns
added: per track transpose including settings to allow or avoid track transpose or global transpose for the track (track settings and special FX)
added: All Sound off function (midi controller78)
fixed: Midi basenote FX

V1.19 15-04-2019
added: Midi sequencing
added: new pattern screen for 4 note polyphonic (+ Velocity) sequencing per track.
added: Midi track support Notes, Pitchbend, Program Change, Polyphonic and Channel Aftertouch, CC, NRPN, flexible assignment of tracks and midi channels
added: Midi notes can be played (cloned) on the local modular tracks (CV & Gate) if wanted.
added: Most Midi commands can also be controlled by the automators
added: Midi Probabilities: Note1, Note2, Note3, Note4, FX1, FX2, FX3
added: Flexible Limiter for automation to Midi to reduce Midi data
added: NSA (Nerd Sound Adapter) Expander support. Beside the Midi expander 4 additional expanders can be connected which are then integrated in the sequencer.
added: Expanders can be assigned to one or multiple tracks.
added: Firmware updates of the expanders simply possible via the NerdSEQ. So new features are also possible for the expanders. As reliable as NerdSEQ firmware updating.
added: Trigger 16 Expander
added: Provides 16 more Trigger/Gate outputs with all functions the local trigger outputs can do (eg. Trigger Length, Delayed Gate, Retriggering….)
added: Binary output to be able to create some cool dividers
added: Trigger 16 screens and sequencing + integration with all FX and Automators.
added: drummatrix to allow classic drum sequencing with a good overview
added: Square wave generation to trigger output from automator lfo
added: Track Setup screen for all track types where Track specific settings can be done.
fixed: when pressing stop twice (or stop track from FX) could insert problems
fixed: Possible crash when starting the sequencer with an empty project from external clock
added: General Track Assign screen where tracks can be assigned to either Internal CV/Gate, Midi or to the available expanders.
added: FX command to start a pattern from the sequencer by position
fixed: Avoid Sample retriggering without a playing sample
added: SHIFT+DELETE on a Note column acts now as either ‘Delete Note’ or as ‘Insert Note Off’, no browsing down to lowest note needed anymore.
fixed: possible SEGA gamepad freeze situation after saving
fixed: Muting for sample patterns with odd groove settings
added: Start playing possible from all regular screens now
fixed: Compact pattern function with copy/paste clipboard
added: Copy paste between compatible pattern columns. Copy and paste can be from all notes to all notes, triggers to triggers, grooves to grooves from different pattern types. Content can now also be copied between the 2 sample parts.
added: Per track multiplier / divider. Dividers and Multipliers can be either live assigned to a track or via FX command.
added: Dividers/Multipliers: /32,/16,/8, /7,/6,/5,/4,/3,/2, *2,*3,*4,*5,*6,*7,*8)
updated: Visual updates: Sequencer screen layout, divider settings are shown per track, introduced VU meters for the samples, main clock indicator update
added: Colors on sequencer screen. Change the colors of special parts for fast recognition
added: Longer filenames support for sample loader
added: Enabling/Disabling of Midi clock output

V1.18 18-02-2019
fixed: Fix for the case when loading another project while one was playing which could cause a 1 BPM tempo. Sequencer stops now when loading another project.
fixed: bug in tables where a table in track 6 could cause trigger 1 to trigger
updated: in MOD column instead of using OK to switch between note and MOD values. Need SHIFT+OK from now
added: prelisten function for MOD column now using the OK button. If both MOD – note and Note are filled in, then 2 notes can be prelistened.
fixed: Delete marked Trigger changed MOD values next to it
fixed: Midi recording if note on and off was on same step, then now a trigger of F0 is filled in instead of a note-off
added: Sample preview (In sample browser SHIFT + LEFT for output 7 and SHIFT + RIGHT for output 8, press again to stop pre-listening). Also very long samples (as in ‘minutes’) can be previewed, and that all also while playing (Is overruling the current sample track).
added: Preview of already loaded sample slots (SHIFT + LEFT for output 7 and SHIFT + RIGHT for output 8)
fixed: Basenote from patches works now
added: Patch to FX columns
added: Table to FX columns
updated: Patches always update all inserted values for local CV/Gate tracks
fix: BPM display matches the actual timing now.
updated: Live change values when editing patches removed
updated: Removed support for 24bit and 32bit Wavefiles. All standard PCM (non compressed) 8/16 bit Mono/Stereo wavefiles are supported.
added: DINSYNC Clock input (through clock and reset input)
added: Note plays when holding OK button and walking up/down -> Plays notes while browsing
added: For samples: Note plays + note browsing as well
added: Compact Sequencer function (SETUP SCREEN) Cleans up unused patterns and releases them again for new use
added: Superslow automator lfo speed mode
changed: Range for LFO better resolution (more fintuning for lower ranges)
added: Record from CV route to outputs directly, so you can hear what you record directly
fixed: Edit was still possible on some places even though edit was turned off
added: If Edit mode is OFF, allow live use of OK button in sequencer screen to temporary jump to the same step of another pattern (SHIFT+OK for the row)
fixed: Fixed external start of pattern/row (through Midi or DINSYNC with shift button starts whole row, without shift only the ‘selected’ pattern)
added: Load / Save sampleblock. Allows to load and save all sample slots into / from a file.
added: Load sampleblock directly from sequencer (LSMP fx command on sample tracks) for ‘nearly’ seemless replacement of all samples.
fixed : When deleting marked values in the pattern screen with shifting up and something was filled in in the MOD column, the NerdSEQ could possibly crash.
fixed : When after power on, playing the first sample + retriggering + probability could cause a crash.

V1.17 16-10-2018
fixed: In the Sample Load menu, deleting in the ‘Abort’ row could reset the NerdSEQ
added: ‘All Sounds Off’ Midi Message, releases all Notes.
updated: Automator value browsing in the FX section changes now the Automatorfunction with shift+up/down and the value with shift left-right. Current values (scaled) are automatically filled in when browsing through the functions
added: Autoload function in the setup menu. Set the last saved project to autoload on startup.
fixed: In the sequencer screen if the global transpose and the playing note is higher than the highest note (and lower than the lowest)
updated: autoload to be able to load projects with 8 character names

V1.16 14-09-2018
added: Automations. 8 Automation slots with the modulation matrix to output the automators to several internal and external functions.
added: Current Automators: LFO, CV inputs. LFO automator with the following settings: Speed, Offset, Invert, Clock, Range, Waveform (Sinus, Triangle, Sawtooth, White and pinknoise), Bitrate, Phase. All automator settings can be manipulated from the FX column of a track. Also, several LFO settings can be manipulated by another automator slot: Speed, Range and Reset. The CV input automator got no settings yet (for next version). Automator destinations: Track 1..6: CV, MOD, Trigger Length (overrules the next trigger in length), Trigger Delay (overrules the next trigger delayed gate function), FX1..FX4 Overrule (overrules the next FX values), CV/MOD Glide+Steps, All probabilities, Step Overrule (experimental). Sample tracks 7,8: Pitch, Volume, Bitcrush, Distortion, Sample position, FX Overrule, All probabilities, Step overrule (experimental)
changed: Trigger column overrules the auto-gating from notes. So if a note is filled in and a trigger (from trigger column) at the same step, then the trigger got high priority
added: Next Random FX overrule in FX column. The next FX value from destinations (0 = random fx column, 1..4 = FX 1..4) will be overruled by a random value.
added: Old projects from versions older than 1.16 can be loaded
added: time in sample pattern screen
added: Din-Sync24 output (for clock)
added: Edit steps (change in setup screen). Cursor jumps automatically the amount of steps further when inserting a new value with SHIFT + CURSOR-UP in the pattern screen. Be aware that this can be confusing when you are used to insert values with SHIFT + CURSOR-UP. Inserting new values without the steps jumping can be done with SHIFT + CURSOR-RIGHT. You can disable this function to get back as it used to be if the editsteps are 0.
added: OK button on the trigger column triggers the underlying trigger value
added: Current running table is visible in the pattern screen.
added: Table Stop command. Be aware, tables are not being stopped anymore by using a patch. Table stop is the value left of Table 00.
added: All tracks play (SHIFT + START) from inside a pattern (same like on the sequencer screen)
added: Simple Screensaver. (Enable in Setup Screen. 0 Seconds = Screensaver off)
fixed: BRK in sample tracks works now as suppose to be in combination with probability
added: PAGE UP/DOWN in patch screen
added: Clone patch with SHIFT + OK on a current patch
added: Setting (setup screen) to automatically add also a trigger in the trigger column when inserting a note.
added: Sample offset FX
added: Note Prelisten when pressing OK on note (works also with SHIFT + CURSOR-UP/DOWN + OK)
added: Note insertion (note scale) on MOD column. Fast switch by using OK on the mod column swaps between 000, 800, C-0, C-4, C-8.
added: Screen wrap-around (enable in setup screen). Cursor swaps back to the begin/end of the screen up/down/left/right.
added: Setup function: Reset all values/settings on song stop.
added: Highlight rows. The row highlighting from the pattern screen can be changed in the setup screen (eg, 4 = every 4th row is highlightened)
added: Special FX command with multiple functions: Stop track after pattern ready, Stop track directly, Stop Song, Set/Reset clock output, Pulse clock output, Set/reset RESET output, Pulse Reset output, Reset all track current values, Reset all current values, Goto random position, Resync track, Resync All.
added: Modwheel input for live manipulation through MIDI (for MOD)
fixed: Mute didn’t affect the FX column well
added: Nerd Menu: Reset current Track values, Reset All current values, Resync Track, Resync All
added: Pattern Names. You can give each pattern a name now. (Add name in Nerd Menu on the pattern screen)
fixed: Screen edit / key input inconsistencies
added: Trigger function ‘FD’ will toggle the trigger.
updated: Many small updates and fixes in the screens and background to get a smoother usability feeling and higher performance. Screen change is now much snappier. Removed many mini-glitches.
fixed: Basenote didn’t reset when a pattern/track was stopped manually

V1.14 07-03-2018
updated: When creating new patches the init value for tempo was 128 bpm. Now there is no init value anymore for the tempo.
updated: Patches from old projects will be updated automatically.

V1.13 27-02-2018
added: Mute – Unmute functions ( SHIFT+DOWN+START mutes/unmutes the current track)
added: Solo/Unsolo functions ( SHIFT+UP+START solos/unsolos current track)
added: When editing in pattern screen: SHIFT+UP+DELETE Removes the current row and shifts all one up from below the row.
added: SHIFT+DOWN+DELETE Inserts an empty row and shifts all one down from that point
fixed: Disabled Merge and compact functions which are not usable yet but could have caused problems
added: the Nerdmenu which can be reached by pressing the Nerd button (SHIFT+AUTOMATE) with several functions:
added: Undo – undo for the last (and only the last) action in the sequencer or the (same) pattern screen
added: In pattern screen without marked values: Randomize current value
added: In pattern screen with marked values: Transpose +1, Transpose -1, Transpose +12, Transpose -12, Flip Rows, Randomize row order, Randomize values
fixed: for the random generator
fixed: avoid START, STOP and value change when in mark mode
fixed: Avoid endless loop when Mark+Insert copy on the first row
added: Current Values screen. Shows current values of the current track including manipulation of the values (OK on the Triggerexecutes the trigger setting)
added: Support for folders/maps in the file browsers (take care that you choose not too long folder names, space is not endless(even if they tell you so)), also still there is no alfabetical sorting (which is in fact impossible cause of the lack of memory or it would be extremely ressource eating). So you either copy your files in your order on the sd card or you use some of the directory sorters which are available for all platforms)
updated: Filebrowser shows now 10 instead of 8 files per side.
fixed: Midi problem where a gate could stay set when the Midi master send 2 times the same Note-Off erratically
added: Midi Enable/Disable. Turns midi reception on/off except for sync, so if you want to clock but the NerdSEQ shouldn’t react on midi notes etc.
updated: Some beauty fixes

V1.12 14-01-2018
fixed: Connected IO-Expander could interfere with normal button pressing when no Sega gamepad is connected in special circumstances
added: Kill command for patches

V1.11 03-01-2018
changed: Delete with moving up and marked delete with moving up. Uses the UP button now instead of the DOWN button. ( SHIFT+UP+DELETE)
updated: When navigating through the FX types in the pattern screen, the Pitch, FX and tempo settings are getting default values instead of 00. Here tempo gets the current tempo setting automatically
fixed: that when a JUMP (via break) is active, that another (not quantized) pattern that is selected to play next will now play as expected
added: Break got a new function. Now if a value in the break function is filled in, then it repeats the pattern X times (value)
So for break they are these possibilities:
BRK 000 -> Breaks the pattern after the current position
BRK 105 -> Player jumps to pattern row 5
BRK 002 -> Player repeates the pattern 2 times (plays it 3 times) (to break position)
As the sample tracks got 2 tracks inside and if the repeat and Jump commands are used on the same row, then the Jump got a higher priority
Also here, if a new pattern is selected to be played next, the repeat function is being canceled and the BRK works like a BRK 000

V1.10 23-12-2017
added: SHIFT+Pagedown on pattern screen in mark-mode marks all
fixed: pitch note which works now also on the same step
added: setup setting to load settings backup (when debug is enabled)
fixed: ‘do always change’ parameters which work well now for patches and tables. So the same value is being send every time
changed: system settings are now stored on the eeprom
fixed: Probability changes now with the current step
added: clone pattern function by pressing SHIFT+OK. If there is a pattern number already, then a new pattern is created and the old pattern cloned in it
added: table probability
added: FX probability
added: Tempo setting, so the main tempo can be changed from FX
added: Break FX function got now a jump to step parameter. If a number is filled in and first digit is 1 ( eg 102) then it will jump to position 02 of the same pattern
updated: Tempo up to 500 bpm
updated: enhanced groove setting up to 32
changed: Init probability value is now 100 when editing and not 0
fixed: of not setting the trigger (and other stuff) well from another pattern in the FX column
changed: Order in project screen
changed: Player doesn’t stop now anymore when changing record settings
added: the display of decimal values
added: reset pulse (10ms) when stopping the sequencer
changed: avoid to start record from other screens than sequencer or pattern screen
fixed: weird deletion when deleting a marked value (fx did weird)
fixed: the problem where one couldn’t choose pattern 00 anymore on the sequencer screen
changed: no pattern creation anymore with OK when mark mode is on
changed: no patch creation anymore with OK when mark mode is on
changed: slightly changed colour to get better contour

V1.07 24-10-2017
fixed: issue when deleting multiple MOD values with the Scroll up function
fixed: edit behaviour for a FX column. When changing the parameter the first value is always 0.
fixed: text on FX types

V1.06 18-10-2017
fixed: glitch in patch screen when value changing from an emty patchrule
fixed: CV when the same note would’t be added in combination with gate
fixed: volume editing in sample pattern screen

V1.05 16-10-2017
fixed: the problem that when a whole sequencer row was ‘triggered’ (with shift) while playing that the sample tracks did not ‘trigger’ as well
updated: border colour changes now when recording

V1.04 13-10-2017
fixed: an issue where loading a project with a big sample in it could cause problems. Project and Sample loading is improved.
added: Page Up/Down functionality in the file browser

V1.03 12-10-2017
fixed: One could create an illegal patch inside a sample pattern which leads to a crash when entering the patch screen.

V1.02 07-10-2017
fixed: sequencer start for one pattern
fixed with CV recording

V1.00 19-05-2017
Initial release for betatesting