Nerdseq – Multi-IO Expander Black/Grey

This is the Multi-IO Expander (Black/Grey) for the NerdSEQ

It adds 3 different Midi Ports, 2 I2C Ports and some additional edit possibilities to the NerdSEQ

Adding these new IO Ports:

USB Host -> Connect any Midi Class Compliant gear like a Launchpad, Midi Keyboard etc
USB Device -> Connect to your Computer and get a new XOR Midi Device for direct Computer NerdSEQ Midi communication
TRS-A Midi -> Classic Midi connection using a stereo jack cable (adapters for DIN Midi Connectors included)
2x I2C Ports -> Each can be either leader or follower. Connect your I2C capable module (like 16n, ER301, distingEX, Just Friends and others) and get access to 100 virtual patch-cables. Both ports are located on the backside of the module but one port is also additionally located on the front (to connect an external 16n faderbox for example).
Additional Buttons and an encoder Knob -> New edit modes, dial in notes and more…

Please check the manual to find out what the Multi-IO is capable of and how it integrates into the NerdSEQ.

NerdSEQ Manual V2.01

This is not a standalone product! It works only together with the NerdSEQ.

The Multi-IO includes a power buscable, 12 pin ribbon cable for the midi connection, 2 TRS-A to DIN Midi adapters and 2 Du-Pont cables for the I2C connection.

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