Massive NerdSEQ update!

I’m happy to announce the new firmware release of the NerdSEQ as well as the release of the first Expander which brings the NerdSEQ to the next level.

Lets start with the new Firmware V1.19 features and fixes:

– Added: Midi sequencing:
– new pattern screen for 4 note polyphonic (+ Velocity) sequencing per track.
– Midi track support Notes, Pitchbend, Program Change, Polyphonic and Channel Aftertouch, CC, NRPN, flexible assignment of tracks and midi channels
– Midi notes can be played (cloned) on the local modular tracks (CV & Gate) if wanted.
– Most Midi commands can also be controlled by the automators
– Midi Probabilities: Note1, Note2, Note3, Note4, FX1, FX2, FX3
– Flexible Limiter for automation to Midi to reduce Midi data
– Added: NSA (Nerd Sound Adapter) Expander support. Beside the Midi expander 4 additional expanders can be connected which are then integrated in the sequencer.
– Expanders can be assigned to one or multiple tracks.
– Firmware updates of the expanders simply possible via the NerdSEQ. So new features are also possible for the expanders. As reliable as NerdSEQ firmware updating.
– Trigger 16 Expander:
– Provides 16 more Trigger/Gate outputs with all functions the local trigger outputs can do (eg. Trigger Length, Delayed Gate, Retriggering….)
– Binary output to be able to create some cool dividers
– Added Trigger 16 screens and sequencing + integration with all FX and Automators.
– Added drummatrix to allow classic drum sequencing with a good overview
– Square wave generation to trigger output from automator lfo
– Added Track Setup screen for all track types where Track specific settings can be done.
– Fixed: when pressing stop twice (or stop track from FX) could insert problems
– Fixed: Possible crash when starting the sequencer with an empty project from external clock
– Added: General Track Assign screen where tracks can be assigned to either Internal CV/Gate, Midi or to the available expanders.
– Added: FX command to start a pattern from the sequencer by position
– Fixed: Avoid Sample retriggering without a playing sample
– Added: SHIFT+DELETE on a Note column acts now as either ‘Delete Note’ or as ‘Insert Note Off’, no browsing down to lowest note needed anymore.
– Fixed: possible SEGA gamepad freeze situation after saving
– Fixed: Muting for sample patterns with odd groove settings
– Added: Start playing possible from all regular screens now
– Fixed: Compact pattern function with copy/paste clipboard
– Added: Copy paste between compatible pattern columns. Copy and paste can be from all notes to all notes, triggers to triggers, grooves to grooves from different pattern types. Content can now also be copied between the 2 sample parts.
– Added: Per track multiplier / divider. Dividers and Multipliers can be either live assigned to a track or via FX command.
Dividers/Multipliers: /32,/16,/8, /7,/6,/5,/4,/3,/2, *2,*3,*4,*5,*6,*7,*8)
– Visual updates: Sequencer screen layout, divider settings are shown per track, introduced VU meters for the samples, main clock indicator update
– Added: Colors on sequencer screen. Change the colors of special parts for fast recognition
– Enhanced: Longer filenames support for sample loader
– Added Enabling/Disabling of Midi clock output

Also the new expander ‘More Triggers 16’ is now finally avaliable!!

Beside 16 more Trigger/Gate outputs, many functions have been added to the NerdSEQ.

Check the video below so you know what it can do and wha to expect:

The new firmware and the updated manual are available on the NerdSEQ page or on the Forum.

The ‘More Triggers 16’ Expander is available in the XOR Webshop.