Firmware Update V1.22

I’m happy again to present you the latest firmware with again plenty of new (major!!) functions and some fixes.

It took a bit longer this time, but i am sure it was definitely worth the waiting!

Some important information before you update:

– make a backup of your SD Card and especially of your projects
– Old Projects can simply be loaded with the new version
– Firmware updates always work, if it doesn’t, then you did something wrong. Check the Firmware update FAQ for some infos.
– No worries, in case of any issues you can always go back to your earlier version!
– I totally can understand if you are disappointed if your long awaited feature request is not included in this update. I really do my best to get much new stuff in the releases and i keep track on all the hundrets of feature requests. I constantly update my 2do list and change priorities depending on many factors. Please read the FAQ in the forum to find out how i work and how i don’t work. In the end, i can never please anybody. But i do my best to make it better each time.

Also note: Since the last versions the update will look a bit different around the end of updating. For most people the Progressbar will go back to 0 and some percent. That is totally fine and as long as it says ‘Updating Succeed’, then everything is fine.

Here are most of the changings / additions:

– added 8 ADSR envelopes with advanced settings ‘behind’ the automator screen
– many sources and destinations
– One Shot, AD-SR and Loop mode. (AD when the Gate is set, SR when it is released)
– Envelope chaining possible

– added envelope ‘mirror’ for automators with Offset, Invert, AMP and bitrate 1..12 bit
clones one of the selected envelopes actually into the automators
– updated CV input for automators, added Offset, Invert, AMP, Bitrate 1..12bit
– updated bitrate/quantisation to a finer resolution for all automators
– removed back function in LFO settings (obsolete)
– added pulse wave to the LFO

– changed input calibration and autocalibration for a more precise response (Inputs need new calbration!!!)
– added ‘New Project’ function
– replaced old screensaver with a new fancy one
– Added ** in the sequencer screen which is to stop a pattern (shift delete on empty spot)
– added change to another pattern in pattern screen by holding the pattern button and navigating (navigates through the order in sequencer screen)
– fixed CV input sampling bug (occasional CV input drops)
– fixed note transpose for non-note values
– added ‘set’ Patch in pressing SHIFT+OK in patch screen
– added envelope FX functions to CV/Gate track
– added SHIFT UP/DOWN function to marked pattern Nerd Menu to shift all marked values up or down with wrap around
– added patternlength function for editing and playing (default patternlength in setup menu)
– updated euclidean and random jump to work within patternlength
– changed flip row, random order etc from nerd menu to work with marked area instead of the whole row
– added autobackup and special screen in case of crashing (which hopefully will never happen)
– Added default groove settings (setup screen) for new patterns
– Added probability for the whole sequencer row
– Fixed possible bad probability seed
– Updated current values settings, added Current value for Midi and Audio tracks
– changed behaviour to get into screens so it is ‘the same everywhere’ :
for all tracks, if you press the patch button you will get into the current values screen. If you press it again you will get to the track setup (and the other way around).  Of course except for if you selected a patch.
– added ‘Hold SHIFT+STOP” double request before stopping sequencer (enable in setup)
– fixed track transpose saving
– added max Mainclock steps (amount of steps for the baseclock)
– fixed navigation wrap so it works for all track types

Audio / Sample / Synth
– Added FM 4 Operator synth engine
– updated volume and bitcrush resolution to 256 instead of 128
– reduced sample memory to 190000 byte (needed more memory) Sorry here, still around 4 seconds. I tried to get as little as possible but still being future proof.
– added basic wavefolder function/effect
– added lofi delay function (per track)
– added sample glide functions
– added automator FX, envelope fx + glide + wavefold + delay settings for sample FX
– added gate off function (beside sample/wave off) to allow a envelope release. (shift+delete is either note/sample/wave off or gate off as 2nd function)
– added function to clone the audio from Track 7 to Track 8. So a nice stereo field can be generated when using different delay values.
– renamed sample tracks to ‘Audio’
– changed audio retrigger so a value of 00 would retrigger the envelope
– added double stop track function to stop waveforms from the current track
– added set waveform/sample as sample FX

– fixed missing decrements for CV16 standard FX values
– Fixed current values which didn’t show the modular tracks but the CV16 instead

– delete in drummatrix deletes only the current drum and not the whole row anymore
– fixed trigger16 random and overrule functions for FX columns
– Trigger16 drummatrix triggers are now also visible in the regular T16 columns.

– Simple Midi debug in the record/input screen. Shows note midi data first byte on top
– Fixed samples so a waveform would also trigger from Midi
– fixed pitchbend from midi so it works also when not recording
– bugfix for midi active sensing
– fixed note delete for midi track (velocity was missing)
– Fix: editsteps work also for midi step change of notes

– major rework of the tables
– added change to another table from the table screen (hold table button and then cursor up/down)
– added some pattern handling for tables (new table etc)
– Added new table functions for random, scaling, chords, not allowed notes etc (this allows indeed scaling of your main sequence)
– rewrite and timing fix for tables
– added table tick source from sequencer function (SPFX)
– Added CV input as table source
– Added Automators as table source
– fixed table editing
– Added nerd menu for table screen to release tables
– added Table presets to nerd menu to add different tables like doubles, triplets, different chords…
– enabled compact table functions which releases empty and unused tables
– added Table screen animation
– added Table functions for audio tracks (samples/waveforms)
– added backwards and pingpong Table features
– Added animation for tables

And many minor small things that came along the way or needed to be done…

The Firmware and Manual are always available on the XOR Website:
or on the Forum (with additional discussion about it):

Vacation, Panels, Updates

Vacation 2019

We will be on vacation from July 26th until August 15th. Any orders in the shop later than July 25th will be shipped right after the vacation. You will still be able to buy from our distibutors!


I’m very busy getting the new Firmware ready as well as the CV16 expander. If nothing comes in between, then the new Firmware Release Candidate which includes a Major CV input update, Major flexible Midi input routing with polyphonic recording, new transpose settings, many fixes and tiny updates and a beta of the Launchpad integration (LP Pro) will be avalibale on the XOR Forum by the end of the week. If something comes in between, then it will be a nearly finished Release Candidate. At least something to start testing and to play around with.  The CV expander is scheduled for the end of August now.


A new alternative frontpanel (Designed by Eric from Klavis) for the NerdSEQ is avaliable. A limited stock of the NerdSEQ with the new panel is ready to order in the XOR webshop. Just the panels and matching panels for and with the expanders will be following around the end of august.

Massive NerdSEQ update!

I’m happy to announce the new firmware release of the NerdSEQ as well as the release of the first Expander which brings the NerdSEQ to the next level.

Lets start with the new Firmware V1.19 features and fixes:

– Added: Midi sequencing:
– new pattern screen for 4 note polyphonic (+ Velocity) sequencing per track.
– Midi track support Notes, Pitchbend, Program Change, Polyphonic and Channel Aftertouch, CC, NRPN, flexible assignment of tracks and midi channels
– Midi notes can be played (cloned) on the local modular tracks (CV & Gate) if wanted.
– Most Midi commands can also be controlled by the automators
– Midi Probabilities: Note1, Note2, Note3, Note4, FX1, FX2, FX3
– Flexible Limiter for automation to Midi to reduce Midi data
– Added: NSA (Nerd Sound Adapter) Expander support. Beside the Midi expander 4 additional expanders can be connected which are then integrated in the sequencer.
– Expanders can be assigned to one or multiple tracks.
– Firmware updates of the expanders simply possible via the NerdSEQ. So new features are also possible for the expanders. As reliable as NerdSEQ firmware updating.
– Trigger 16 Expander:
– Provides 16 more Trigger/Gate outputs with all functions the local trigger outputs can do (eg. Trigger Length, Delayed Gate, Retriggering….)
– Binary output to be able to create some cool dividers
– Added Trigger 16 screens and sequencing + integration with all FX and Automators.
– Added drummatrix to allow classic drum sequencing with a good overview
– Square wave generation to trigger output from automator lfo
– Added Track Setup screen for all track types where Track specific settings can be done.
– Fixed: when pressing stop twice (or stop track from FX) could insert problems
– Fixed: Possible crash when starting the sequencer with an empty project from external clock
– Added: General Track Assign screen where tracks can be assigned to either Internal CV/Gate, Midi or to the available expanders.
– Added: FX command to start a pattern from the sequencer by position
– Fixed: Avoid Sample retriggering without a playing sample
– Added: SHIFT+DELETE on a Note column acts now as either ‘Delete Note’ or as ‘Insert Note Off’, no browsing down to lowest note needed anymore.
– Fixed: possible SEGA gamepad freeze situation after saving
– Fixed: Muting for sample patterns with odd groove settings
– Added: Start playing possible from all regular screens now
– Fixed: Compact pattern function with copy/paste clipboard
– Added: Copy paste between compatible pattern columns. Copy and paste can be from all notes to all notes, triggers to triggers, grooves to grooves from different pattern types. Content can now also be copied between the 2 sample parts.
– Added: Per track multiplier / divider. Dividers and Multipliers can be either live assigned to a track or via FX command.
Dividers/Multipliers: /32,/16,/8, /7,/6,/5,/4,/3,/2, *2,*3,*4,*5,*6,*7,*8)
– Visual updates: Sequencer screen layout, divider settings are shown per track, introduced VU meters for the samples, main clock indicator update
– Added: Colors on sequencer screen. Change the colors of special parts for fast recognition
– Enhanced: Longer filenames support for sample loader
– Added Enabling/Disabling of Midi clock output

Also the new expander ‘More Triggers 16’ is now finally avaliable!!

Beside 16 more Trigger/Gate outputs, many functions have been added to the NerdSEQ.

Check the video below so you know what it can do and wha to expect:

The new firmware and the updated manual are available on the NerdSEQ page or on the Forum.

The ‘More Triggers 16’ Expander is available in the XOR Webshop.

Trigger 16 Expander about to be released!

Around black friday bundle SALE

Around black friday ( 22 – 24 November ) we put a limited amount of the NerdSEQ bundles on Sale together with free shipping on all orders. Additionally we provide free shipping for orders higher than Euro 199 from now on!

NerdSEQ Firmware V1.17

I just released the new NerdSEQ firmware V1.17 with some minor updates and fixes:

  • Fix: In the Sample Load menu, deleting in the ‘Abort’ row could reset the NerdSEQ
  • Added ‘All Sounds Off’ Midi Message, releases all Notes.
  • Automator value browsing in the FX section changes now the Automatorfunction with shift+up/down and the value with shift left-right. Current values (scaled) are automatically filled in when browsing through the functions
  • Added: Autoload function in the setup menu. Set the last saved project to autoload on startup.
  • Fix: In the sequencer screen if the global transpose plus the playing note is higher than the highest note (and lower than the lowest) which can lead to a glitch or to a crash worst case.

You can download the firmware as usual on the NerdSEQ page here or on the Forum.

New NerdSEQ Firmware V1.16

NerdSEQ stock, Superbooth 2018

First of all a happy new year and all the best for 2018 to all of you!!

2017 was agreat year for me as i really got started with the company and releasing the NerdSEQ which was a great success and highly accepted by all of you! The first batch sold very well and now the 2nd batch is already in the making. At this point i can’t make any new NerdSEQs as i am waiting for a component since 6 weeks which seem to be lost on the way. Even though i made multiple orders for it, none of them arrived yet. I hope for them to arrive soon and be able to deliver again before february. The good thing about it is that i already designed PLAN B so i don’t rely on this component anymore for the future. But that will be earliest ready at the end of february, begin march.


Superbooth 2018 is coming and i booked my table again for it. More info coming!

NerdSEQ shipping and more news

Oh yes, i got to post something from time to time here.

The NerdSEQ is on the market and some units have already been shipped. Though i am still busy getting the production running i add some to the stock every few days. The NerdSEQ is available at Schneidersladen which i really cool, too!!

So stay tuned and keep checking if there is no stock, i will build it up in the next weeks.

Nerdseq production started

After a succesfull betatest phase i am happy to announce that the Nerdseq production of the first batch just started. In a few weeks i will receive the assembled boards and all needed components. If everything is on time, produced well and tested then i can start to ship the first units at the end of August 2017.