Vacation, Panels, Updates

Vacation 2019

We will be on vacation from July 26th until August 15th. Any orders in the shop later than July 25th will be shipped right after the vacation. You will still be able to buy from our distibutors!


I’m very busy getting the new Firmware ready as well as the CV16 expander. If nothing comes in between, then the new Firmware Release Candidate which includes a Major CV input update, Major flexible Midi input routing with polyphonic recording, new transpose settings, many fixes and tiny updates and a beta of the Launchpad integration (LP Pro) will be avalibale on the XOR Forum by the end of the week. If something comes in between, then it will be a nearly finished Release Candidate. At least something to start testing and to play around with.  The CV expander is scheduled for the end of August now.


A new alternative frontpanel (Designed by Eric from Klavis) for the NerdSEQ is avaliable. A limited stock of the NerdSEQ with the new panel is ready to order in the XOR webshop. Just the panels and matching panels for and with the expanders will be following around the end of august.