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Firmware V2.01 Release

Another firmware update V2.01 for the NerdSEQ has been released with as usual new features, fixes and more. What was planned to be only a maintenance release turned out to be bigger again with some essential new features. Check the Release Notes to see whats new and download all firmwares and the manual on the […]

Firmware Release V2.0

Another massive free update squeezing even more out of the NerdSEQ hardware!! This update is so big, I had to make it a V2.0! They are many new features like the new advanced scaling screen, a complete re-write of the Midi Engine to allow the use of 3 independend Midi Ports and tons of small […]

Superbooth 2023

Also this year I will have a nice relaxed booth at Superbooth 2023! Come and join me at Z240. There is new stuff to show for sure. See you there! https://xor-electronics.com/downloadfiles/photos/sb2023.jpg

New Firmware V1.24

Another Firmware update has been release which adds again many new features and fixes. Here are most of the changings / additions: Added Random Ranges screen which contains a set of 16 different random ranges from 0 – 100%.  (press OK on any random value to get to the screen) Enhanced the regular random FX […]

Firmware Update V1.22

I’m happy again to present you the latest firmware with again plenty of new (major!!) functions and some fixes. It took a bit longer this time, but i am sure it was definitely worth the waiting! Some important information before you update: – make a backup of your SD Card and especially of your projects […]

Vacation, Panels, Updates

Vacation 2019 We will be on vacation from July 26th until August 15th. Any orders in the shop later than July 25th will be shipped right after the vacation. You will still be able to buy from our distibutors! Updates I’m very busy getting the new Firmware ready as well as the CV16 expander. If […]

Massive NerdSEQ update!

I’m happy to announce the new firmware release of the NerdSEQ as well as the release of the first Expander which brings the NerdSEQ to the next level. Lets start with the new Firmware V1.19 features and fixes: – Added: Midi sequencing: – new pattern screen for 4 note polyphonic (+ Velocity) sequencing per track. […]