Nerdsynth livesets and showcases

Nerdsynth is going on the road again! After a performance in Rotterdam and one in  Hamburg the Nerdsynth will travel to Copenhagen. Thomas AKA Frau Holle AKA FirestARTer will perform with a prototype of the Nerdsynth on September 6th at Mikrodisko CPH #3! He also will do a showcase so don’t miss it.

Mikrodisko CPH #3 featuring Nerdsynth



And that’s not all. Thomas will also perform at the Superbyte open stage in Manchester, September 11th. 2 days later he will give a Nerdsynth showcase.

Nerdsynth performance at Superbyte festival in Manchester


So if you are in the neighborhood, come check it out and say hi to Thomas!

More live performance announcements soon!

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