Firmware V2.01 Release

Another firmware update V2.01 for the NerdSEQ has been released with as usual new features, fixes and more.

What was planned to be only a maintenance release turned out to be bigger again with some essential new features.

Check the Release Notes to see whats new and download all firmwares and the manual on the XOR Forum or on the NerdSEQ Page.

Firmware Release V2.0

Another massive free update squeezing even more out of the NerdSEQ hardware!!

This update is so big, I had to make it a V2.0!

They are many new features like the new advanced scaling screen, a complete re-write of the Midi Engine to allow the use of 3 independend Midi Ports and tons of small new feature. But the main add-on being the mapping screen which makes it able to even create your own features.

Check the release notes for V2.0 and download the firmware here.

Nerdsynth livesets and showcases

Nerdsynth is going on the road again! After a performance in Rotterdam and one in  Hamburg the Nerdsynth will travel to Copenhagen. Thomas AKA Frau Holle AKA FirestARTer will perform with a prototype of the Nerdsynth on September 6th at Mikrodisko CPH #3! He also will do a showcase so don’t miss it.
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