Firmware V2.01 Release

Another firmware update V2.01 for the NerdSEQ has been released with as usual new features, fixes and more.

What was planned to be only a maintenance release turned out to be bigger again with some essential new features.

Check the Release Notes to see whats new and download all firmwares and the manual on the XOR Forum or on the NerdSEQ Page.

Firmware Release V2.0

Another massive free update squeezing even more out of the NerdSEQ hardware!!

This update is so big, I had to make it a V2.0!

They are many new features like the new advanced scaling screen, a complete re-write of the Midi Engine to allow the use of 3 independend Midi Ports and tons of small new feature. But the main add-on being the mapping screen which makes it able to even create your own features.

Check the release notes for V2.0 and download the firmware here.

Nerdsynth: The big picture

Today, we want to tell you guys something about what we have in mind for Nerdsynth.

All in all, there’s a shitload of functionality that we want to include. We have had many great ideas, a lot of “maybe we should focus on the other stuff first”-moments and a few bits of “we reallyreallyreally need to include this in the first release”.

We drank a few beers, fired up our favourite flowcharting tool and came up with an overview of the stuff we are going to implement for the first release. Check it out.
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Nerdsynth sequencer screen mockup

I made a mockup of how the sequencer screen could look like:



As you can see it looks a bit like Little Sound DJ or Little Piggy Tracker. We want to use them and other trackers as examples added with some new ideas. One of our goals is also to avoid difficult key patterns for navigation or functions. So we want to use dedicated hardware buttons for the most used functions.